Taller Flamenco - Seville

Flamenco and spanish school

Est. 1994

Taller Flamenco is a learning centre for Flamenco and Spanish Language founded in 1994, in Seville.

Taller Flamenco is the most experienced international school for flamenco. We offer a wide range of courses and services, such as tailored-courses for groups or individuals, from beginners to advance level either in dance, flamenco technique, guitar, percussion, singing, clapping accompaniment, and Spanish courses.

Taller Flamenco is more than a school - it is an experience and also a place where you can feel like at home due to their high quality customer service.

Flamenco Weekend

If you like flamenco and you have always been just an spectator, you are invited to cross the line and get into this magic world.

17/18 August
14/15 September
19/20 October 
16/17 November

Mucho Arte

From the 3rd. till the 28th. September.

Everyweek flamenco dance and technique with different styles and teachers.

Carmen Rasero, Lourdes Recio, Felipe Mato, María Cárdenas, Sonia Naranjo

All levels from 150€  per week.

Guitar Course - September

Guitar for singing, composition and students of other styles

10 / 14 September  Lito Espinosa & Alicia Gil 

17 / 21 September  José Torres

24 / 28 September Marta Robles

Dance Workshops - September

10th / 28th  September

¡Vive tu Bienal con Taller Flamenco!

Three flamenco dance courses for ADVANCED

Angeles Gabaldón - Bata de Cola

Alejandro Rodriguez - Bulerías de Utrera

Carmen Rasero - Teaching flamenco to kids 

How to teach Flamenco to beginners level

24th / 28th September 

  • Warning up and basic training
  • How to approach the class for beginner leveles
  • Rhythms and music to use during the classes
  • Body Positions
  • Group dynamics

Courses all year round

Regular courses all the year round

Flamenco Dance and Technique

Flamenco dance and technique courses, to begin or improve. Private or in group. All levels. Maximum...

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Private guitar courses for guitar and flamenco lovers. One to one courses. All levels.

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Hand clapping

Hand clapping , to begin or improve. Private courses. All levels.

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Learn how to play flamenco through percussion. Private courses. All levels.

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Do you want to sing flamenco? If you wish you can start or improve you singing. Private courses. All...

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Private Dance

flamenco dance classes in Sevilla at taller flamenco

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Spanish Language

Spanish classes. Private or in a group. All levels. Maximum 7 students per course

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Special Courses

Special Courses in special dates & special price

Estaciones Flamencas-March/June/Aug

Special Course in March, June and August. Come and join us!

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Todo compás - May

During May, combine any course with hand clapping in group

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Flamenco Guitar Week

Flamenco Guitar for singing

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Velá de Santa Ana - July

Do you want to come with us the Triana fair in July? Come & join us!

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Mucho Arte - September

September - Dance & Technique - All levels. Are you in?

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¡Vive tu Bienal con Taller Flamenco!

Dancing and guitar courses during the flamenco biennial in Seville. 10th. / 28th. September

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Flamenco Weekend - Every month

If you like flamenco and you have always been just an spectator, you are invited to cross the line a...

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Other Courses

Group Courses

Coming with a group? Tailored-made courses. Write us and let us know your wishes and dreams

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Carmen Rasero "La trianerita"

Lourdes Recio

Francisco Morales "El Pulga"

Michele Iaccarino

Manuel Berraquero

Manuel Espinosa "Lito"

Alicia Gil

Felipe Mato

Laura Román

Javier Prieto

Maite Olivares

Saira Urbano

Mariano Clavijo

Angeles Gabaldón

Manuela Ríos

Chloé Brulé

Marco Vargas

Leilah Broukhim

Carina La Debla

Antonio Gámez

María Cárdenas

David Caro

Mariano Campallo

Marta Robles

Alejandro Rodríguez

José Torres

Sonia Naranjo

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