31 December 2018

Tips for learning to play flamenco guitar

Emulating great guitarists with the flamenco guitar without knowing absolutely anything is more difficult than you think but learning to play this instrument is not so difficult.    The main thing is to start with a basic guitar course. Although there are many artists who learn alone, the so-called self-educated, but not all have the ability to devote hours and hours of rehearsal without base.  A training will give you the basic...
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18 October 2018

Tips for learning flamenco dance

dance flamenco
Are you passionate about flamenco?  Have you discovered this particular musical style, which encompasses endless feelings, movements, sounds and musicality all in one? Would you like to start next Monday? The dance and technique courses at Taller Flamenco start every Monday. Yes, as you have read. Don’t put off for the following Monday what you can do this one. Bring out your deepest expression and let it enthral you with the art of fl...
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21 September 2018

10 Things you can do at the Biennial for fun

flamenco en Sevilla
You have come to the Bienal to enjoy a wonderful flamenco show, to live from the passion of an autochthonous musical style full of feelings, to enjoy flamenco in Seville. But, what else can you do to enjoy a city like this?     1º Sign up for one of our dance workshops, guitar, or look at all our special courses, all the information here: Flamenco courses - you won't regret it! You will feel the art of flamenco from the bowels....
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29 August 2018

Everything you need to know about “La Bienal de Flamenco” in Seville

Bienal de Flamenco
For almost 40 years every even year flamenco lights Seville during the month of September. From September 6th - 30th, “La Bienal” offers a program where the most known artists come to delight flamenco culture, dance and sing, the city turns to an art full of deep-rooted feeling. Singers, dancers and guitarists are on stage for locals, tourists, and purists of this art. Seville is filled with “quejíos” and the ripped...
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10 August 2018

How to learn “Flamenco” as a beginner

flamenco as a beginner
“El flamenco es una filosofía, una manera de pensar y sentir de todo un pueblo y su tradición histórica”. Manolo Sanlúcar.   What’s flamenco? Flamenco is a spectacle of aesthetics, style, charisma and dance discipline, as the great dancer Matilde Coral said. Did you ask yourself if you could learn “flamenco”? Sure you could. You just need patience, some time and of course a big d...
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