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Covering all aspects of flamenco guitar, methods, exercises, falsetas, playing for singing and dancing

Flamenco Technique is a complex world, completely different from any other styles. You will practise for 90 min each day from Monday - Friday, lessons are one to one

The idea is to be learning a palo each week. Think of flamenco like a big tree with lots of branches, each of them a different palo. Each palo has its own tempo and melody and the playing techniques differ from those you might already know. The first day you will be working and focusing on flamenco guitar techniques in order to work on the chosen palo by playing with these new techniques:

Arpeggios: simple, combined, trémulo. Same names as for classical guitar, but a completely different way of playing.

Strum: modern, traditional or how many fingers you use.

Alzapúa: position and movement of the thumb, exclusive of flamenco technique.

You will also work on the tempo, which is the most important thing in flamenco as it is completely different from any other kind of music with its compound beats.

If your level is Intermediate or Advance you can also book a course to learn guitar for accompany singing and dancing.

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more info

One to one course.

All courses start on Monday.

90 minutes course from Monday to Friday.

All levels.


Francisco Morales "El Pulga"
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Francisco Morales "El Pulga"

Flamenco guitarrist. He is learner of the guitar, this vocation goes together with is inherent talent for the rythims of flamenco. Compás and rythim bear no secrets for Francisco Morales,  El Pulga. He has tought at taller flamenco since '94, he juggles this with his Flamenco company Serva la Bari  in Portugal. He currently teaches guitar and hand clapping at Taller Flamenco.

Michele Iaccarino
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Michele Iaccarino

Michele has a great talent for music devoted entirely to the flamenco guitar. This has led him to be involved in major flamenco records, particularly the accompaniment of singing and dancing with flamenco artists on the front line, but his greatest love is teaching

Manuel Berraquero
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Manuel Berraquero

After studying at Seville's Conservatorio Superior de Música, he devoted five years to studying Dance Accompaniment at Matilde Coral and Rafael el Negro's dance school. He has accompanied and recorded records with artists the likes of El Pali, María del Monte, Juanito Valderrama, El Mistela, Paco Toronjo, El Cabrero... combining his work as professional musician with teaching flamenco guitar not only in Spain, but abroad as well. His musical contribution to various TV, radio and cinema ads is also noteworthy. Since 1988 and up to the present, he has been a member of the Compañía de Teatro "La Cuadra de Sevilla" with whom he has performed in the best theaters in more than forty different countries throughout the world.

Manuel Espinosa "Lito"
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Manuel Espinosa "Lito"

In flamenco since he was young, his musical talent soon took him to the best flamenco academies to accompany dance and from then on, first line artists. He's in the new flamenco guitar creation tendencies and currently accompanies the singer Alicia Gil. His progression is very interesting, starting off at the purest of flamenco's roots to contemporary tendencies.

Antonio Gámez
More info
Antonio Gámez

Antonio Gámez, guitarist and composer.  He is a connoisseur with a passion for playing guitar, a fact that allowed him to come into contact with a generation of guitar players from the 80’s who reinvented flamenco guitar.  Similarly, he has shared experiences with history’s finest flamenco singers.

These great  cantaores and guitar players from the end of the 20th century are all his peers, and he has worked hand in hand with them to make flamenco what it is today.

He is currently pouring all that passion into a new experience - that of teaching flamenco guitar. Studying with Maestro Antonio Gámez is a great opportunity indeed in terms of transmitting the values and tradition of flamenco.

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