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The mystery of compás is the main task for all aficionaos of flamenco.

Hand clapping (compás&palmas) is a private course that gives you the chance to learn the accents and metrical structure of flamenco, aspects that can sometimes be a bit complicated.

The mastery of compás is fundamental for the practice of flamenco: rhythms, setbacks, structure of the singing, guitar and dance in order to accompany …

Only by internalizing these structures and rhythms will we be able to improvise on music.

Lessons are offered for all levels and they are a perfect complement of any other guitar or dance course.

For beginner levels you will start by learning the placement of the palms of the hands to get the right sound. You will learn to differentiate between a clap with an open palm or accompanying with the deaf palms, as well as when to use one or the other type.

You will be able to differentiate the palos through their metric structure, as for example the Tangos of 4 times, or all those that are governed by measures of 12 times, such as the Soleá, the Alegrías, Bulerías, Guajiras...

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more info

One to one course.

You can start whenever you want.

60 minutes course.

All levels.


Francisco Morales "El Pulga"
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Francisco Morales "El Pulga"

Flamenco guitarrist. He is learner of the guitar, this vocation goes together with is inherent talent for the rythims of flamenco. Compás and rythim bear no secrets for Francisco Morales,  El Pulga. He has tought at taller flamenco since '94, he juggles this with his Flamenco company Serva la Bari  in Portugal. He currently teaches guitar and hand clapping at Taller Flamenco.

Laura Román
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Laura Román en La Alameda
Laura Román

She is a singer from Málaga who is based in Seville, where she lives for and transmits flamenco. She has a taste for purity and compás singing; Bulerías and Tango in particular. She brings us the character Malaga’s flamenco is able to convey.

She teaches singing and compás and palmas for all levels at Taller Flamenco.

Javier Prieto
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Javier Prieto

A Percussionist. A restless and innovative artist. He approaches the rhythms of Flamenco with a broad perspective and has an extraordinary capacity for teaching.

He teaches cajón and compás and palmas for all levels.

Mariano Clavijo
More info
Mariano Clavijo

Clavijo Mariano is a flamenco percussionist from Jerez de la Frontera. It is a restless young man with academic training with a Phd degree from the University of Seville in Flamenco.

His interest and expertise has served to develop his career as a percussionist with several flamenco companies, alternating his work in teaching percussion with flamenco.

He has been teaching flamenco box since 2004, and in addition to his excellent training, has brought his wonderful talent for teaching.  His classes work with the basic principles of percussion for Flamenco, which are key to the formation of a percussionist.

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Hand clapping
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Hand clapping
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Hand clapping
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