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Frequent Answers and Questions about Taller Flamenco


Where is the school located?

Our school is in C/ Peral, 49 between Alameda and la Macarena, near the centre and still in the historical area.

What's the weather like in Seville?

During Winter the temperature is around 10º C with some occasional showers. In Spring the temperature is around 15-20º C with more sun, but with the risk of showers. In Summer the temperature rises to 30-40º C and dry weather. In autumm the temperature returns to 15-20º C and wet weather on occasions. You can visit to see weather predictions.

Where do the students come from?

Our students come from all over the world and we have many different nationalities: English, French, Dutch, German, Scandinavian, American, Canadian, Japanese, etc.

Are excursions organised?

We can give you information about trips and excursions in the office. There is an agency we work with that organises trips for weekends.

Do you organise cultural activities?

We will give you a cultural programme at your arrival in the school or every Monday of your stay. You get discounts in some flamenco venues by using a Taller Flamenco student card.

We also arrange a students meeting every Monday.

How can I get a VISA?

In order for you to get your visa, Taller Flamenco provides a Certificate of Admission that would be sent by post mail or e-mail

If you need this certificate you must follow these steps:
1. Send us the application form with the course or courses you want to take, and also the dates for these courses. Take into account that the certificate only covers the period in which you will be studying in our school.
2. The deposit for such reservation must be paid (30 euros per course and 30 euros per accommodation).

Once the reservation is completely formalised, you will receive the certificate signed by Taller Flamenco School administrator.

Can I apply for a grant?

The school does not have any type of funding and cannot therefore offer grants to students. However, there might be some type of financial aid in your own country available. Taller Flamenco will help you to get it through a letter of invitation.

How do I get to Seville?

If your flight does not arrive in Seville but in Madrid, Malaga, Jerez or any other city, you can take a train. (Trains schedules can be seen in We offer a transfer service from Seville airport to your accommodation.

And if I come by car, where can I park?

Parking in Seville is hard and you do not really need a car for moving within the city. If you have to come by car, you can either leave your car where you find a spot (it will take you a while but you will eventually find one!) or in a private parking (roughly 20 euros/day).

What is the normal age of students?

Most of them are between 25 and 55 years old although there is no age limit. In case you are younger than 18 years old, you will need a permission from your parents.

When does the school close?

Taller Flamenco is teaching all over the year. We just close the school four days: New Years Day, 6th. of January, Holy Friday + Christmas Day. Prices remain the same in these cases.

What will my room address and class schedule be?

Both timetables and address are confirmed two weeks before your arrival. Please, in your travel, do not forget to bring with you:

- Address of your room and phone numbers of the landlady/lord and also the handy number of the person who will pick you up at the airport in case you order this service.
- Address and phone number of Taller Flamenco.

Where can I buy shoes, skirts... ?

We will give you a list of flamenco shops. In some of them you get discounts with your Taller Flamenco students card.

Also you can get some shoes or skirt at Taller Flamenco

Do you have Internet access for the students?

Yes, we have WIFI and a little library where you can find books, videos, magazines and use the computer. 


Do I need to apply in advance?

It is very important to apply, at least, two weeks before the courses start. If you want to apply, we need to receive your application form and the deposit which corresponds to your booking. Once your booking is formalized and two weeks before your arrival, you will receive your timetable and address.

In case that you want to apply later than that, Taller Flamenco will always try to book your courses and lodging but take into account that some courses such as Estaciones Flamencas are highly demanded and in some periods of the year we have lots of visits here in Seville. (Feria de Abril, Semana Santa, Bienal de Flamenco).

What time are the classes?

Depending on the courses and levels. Timetables are confirmed two weeks before your arrival.

Can I combine any course?

You can combine the different Regular Courses you want. Notice that we also have Especial Courses (combinations with especial prices in a particular date). Click here to see this information.

Can I extend my course once my original enrolment period has finished?

Yes, for the courses there will be no problems but for the accommodation it may be. It is therefore a good idea to let us know as soon as possible.

Can I change levels if I am in the wrong class?

Yes. If you and your teacher think that you are not in the right level, you could change your level. We have all levels in Taller Flamenco.

Do I get a certificate?

Once you finish your course, you will be given a certificate. Except in those private courses less than 10 hours.

Can I take a guitar course with accompaniment of flamenco singer or dancer?

The guitar courses in Taller Flamenco are one-to-one (student and guitar teacher). In case you are very interested in accompaniment we could arrange your lessons but there is an important condition: you must be an advanced level student. The price may depend on the amount of lessons and also on what we negotiate with the artists.

Do the teachers speak English?

Most of them do not speak English properly, maybe a few words, but our huge experience has confirmed that English is not important to learn flamenco (flamenco is in fact the universal language ;)...our teachers have the strategies to teach, and in case you need some translation, the office staff will help you.

Can I book private classes?

Yes, we have individual courses. Prices depend on the amount of hours and kind of course.

What should I wear at my first flamenco lesson?

You need a pair of flamenco shoes or at least shoes with a thick, stable heel as well as some comfortable clothes which allow you any kind of movement. Flamenco shoes are more important than flamenco skirt. If you are beginner you can buy some shoes at the school for a reasonable price or you can borrow them.


How does the accommodation work?

We provide a single or double room in shared flats. You will be usually sharing with few people, 2/3/4 locals or students.
You will use the common areas such as the bathroom, kitchen, sitting-room, terrace...These prices do not include the meals.
You don't need to bring bed linen, however we recommend you to bring your own bath towels.

We also have some apartments and prices depend on period and availability. Just ask and we will provide you with a quote.

What does accommodation in a double room mean?

This type of accommodation is a double room with twin beds or a big bed which you share with someone who comes with you.

Where is the accommodation?

Our accommodations are very close to the school. We will send you an attached map to show you the location of the school and your room.

Is there heating or air-conditioned in the flats?

Usually  flats have some type: gas heaters, electric radiators, central heating, fans, etc.

How does the arrival and the key pick-up work?

It is very important to know your arrival time, so that somebody could await you in the shared flat. This person (the landlady/lord or owner of the flat) will show you your room and explain all details regarding the flat and how to get to the school. You will be given your set of keys.


Can I pay with credit card?

Yes, we accept credit card . You can also pay the deposit by bank transfer, cheque, paypal or cash.

How much do I have to pay if I cancel?

If you are unable to participate in a previous-reserved course on the foreseen date, you may change the date of the course/s within the year after otherwise you will loose the advanced payment.

If you have already begun the course and/or your stay in your lodging and once in Seville you decide to cancel or reduce them, you must pay the 50% of the weeks reserved plus the entire week of withdrawal.

How can I reserve?

The reservation of courses and/or lodging will be formalized once you have fulfilled the application form and made an advanced payment. The deposit will be discounted from the total price:

  • Regular Courses - 30 euros / Course      
  • Special Courses - 30 euros
  • Estaciones Flamencas - 60 euros        
  • Lodging - 30 euros
When should I pay the total?

Once you have booked, the rest of the money is paid in Taller Flamenco office by credit/debit card, cash or cheque.

Depending on the duration of your stay you are required to pay: 

  • During the first 2 days – if you stay 1 week
  • During the first week – if you stay longer (2,3,4 weeks)    

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